How Important the Hardest Wood Flooring is?

How Important the Hardest Wood Flooring is?

We have heard for many times how important and recommended it is to install solid hardwood flooring. Even if necessary, consider opt for flooring made from the hardest wood flooring varieties. Considering how hefty the price can be, you may question what are the benefits the hardest wood flooring offer? Today, we will briefly explain why solid hardwood flooring is highly recommended to help you making your decision.

To know the level of hardness of wood, a test named as Janka hardness testing is performed. The hardness of wood tested is stated as amount of newtons (N) or pounds-force (lb) required inserting an 11.28 mm or 0.444” diameter steel ball into the wood to half the diameter of the ball. Based on this test, you will find many famous hardwoods such as black ironwood, African blackwood, verawood, snakewood, and gidge are listed as top 10 hardest floor popular for hardest wood flooring varieties. So far, quebracho is the hardest wood in the world.

Despite the hefty price tag, the hardest wood flooring will prove you the amount of money you have spent will never go to waste. In fact, it is a significant investment which benefits you can enjoy as the time goes by. Solid hardwood for flooring is also durable and much less susceptible to dents. Unfortunately, the hardness makes most of hardest woods for flooring are less flexible. Thus, for a place with dry and really dry climate, softer wood like oak will be the more suitable choice to prevent the flooring from crack and split.

The hardest wood flooring definitely is the right choice if you want to install proper flooring for high traffic area. Thus, if you insist on installing soft hardwood instead, you are already warned with its flaws. The totally soft surface may feel more comfortable if you walk barefoot. Even so, it comes with a consequence from being easily dented and dinked from careless treatment or heavy furniture.

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